Quick-thinking employee knows just what to do when the camera comes out.

There’s a lot for video game fans to see and do at Universal Studios Japan now that the Osaka theme park’s Super Nintendo World expansion is open. As cool as the rides are, though, probably the best thing of all is the huge number of photo ops all the Super Mario-themed architecture provides.

So when Japanese Twitter user @hatch_zattaaka paid a visit to the park and stepped into the Mario Cafe and Store, she put on her Luigi hat and had her mom snap a picture. Of course, a special backdrop calls for a special pose, so @hatch_zattaaka decided to imitate the Nintendo plumber siblings’ posture as they leap through the air in their platforming adventures.

Anyone who’s ever gone for the goofiness in a snapshot knows that it can either turn out really funny or really awkward. Luckily for @hatch_zattaaka, her photo came out great, and she even got a little special help…

…as one of the Universal Studios Japan kitchen employees in the background joined in on the fun by striking the same pose!

“I didn’t notice this at all until after I looked at the picture, but the employee did the same pose for me,” tweets @hatch_zattaaka, though she recalls that the worker had smiled and waved at her and her mom when they came in.

Officially, Universal Studios Japan refers to its park staff, even part-time workers, as “crew members.” Some people might say that sounds like a bit of pretentious marketing puffery, but the quick-thinking, fun-loving crew member’s pose shows a real commitment to helping create the fantasy atmosphere guests are coming to the park for.

▼ Speaking of video games, more than a few commenters pointed out the dramatic pose of the crew member on the left remined them of Street Fighter’s Akuma.

▼ @hatch_zattaaka and her mom

Another cool part of the story is that this particular shop, while inside Universal Studios Japan, isn’t technically part of the Super Nintendo World section. All the same, the crew members know that no one is stepping trough the door who isn’t a Mario fan, and they’re happy to help power up their photos. So while the Super Nintendo World area has a restaurant and gift shop of its own too, don’t forget to stop by the Mario Cafe and Store too.

Source: Twitter/@hatch_zattaaka via Hachima Kiko
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Insert image: Twitter/@hatch_zattaaka
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