The peek-a-boo “pumpkin pants” will ensure all eyes are on you this summer.

When it comes to fun and unusual swimwear, nobody does it quite like Japan. Summers past have seen ranges dedicated to Chinese dresses, Japanese school uniforms, and even ninja shadow warriors, but this year, it’s all about the pumpkin pant from apparel brand Alter ME.

The new pant design is part of a swimsuit that pays homage to the maid, with frills, buttons, bows and brooches harking back to a bygone era. While the accessories stick to a traditional theme, some of the other features belong in a more modern environment.

The three-piece set consists of a bikini top, pants, and suspenders that attach the top to the bottoms. The bra contains inserts for a comfortable fit, while the frilly yoke around the neckline hides your cleavage for a demure look.

What really sets this swimsuit apart from anything else on the market is the pants, which have a cute pumpkin-like shape to them. While they’re covered with a frilly white apron at the front, the slit design on the sides shows off some skin, while the peek-a-boo slit on the back shows off your butt cleavage.

Japanese cosplayer @sara_orz, who designed the swimsuit and modelled in it for fans on her Twitter account, suggests wearing a pair of bikini bottoms underneath the pumpkin pants, to avoid causing chaos on the beach with your behind.

The swimsuit is available in three colours: black, green, and wine, and can be pre-ordered from the Alter ME online store. The look doesn’t come cheap, though, as it’s priced at 25,900 yen (US$236.74).

While the swimwear is designed to be worn at the beach or in the pool, you can also personalise it by dressing it up with extra accessories for some sexy maid cosplay.

While we wait to see whether the pumpkin pant trend will sweep the beaches and poolsides of Japan this summer, we’ll be holding on to our underwear-censoring mini petticoats and fairy-tale swimsuits for a rainy day. After all, fashion always comes back around…doesn’t it?

Source: Net Lab
Images: Alter ME