Who’s going to win? Bowser-bashing plumber with super powers or the best tennis player in the world?

2018 is a good year for Nintendo Switch gamers, as nifty online features and free games await those who are willing pay a subscription for a nominal fee. That’s on top of an awesome lineup of games that are coming out soon.

One of those games is Mario Tennis Aces, and in the lead-up to its release in June 22, Nintendo has unleashed a video featuring everyone’s beloved Mario versus the current best tennis player, Rafael Nadal.

▼ The battle of the giants is about to get serious.

In the video, Mario shows us he has what it takes to stand on the same court as Nadal. And despite his small stature, the stomper of Koopas is able to keep up with the fierce rally, even going as far as making the renowned tennis player break out in a sweat.

▼ He might have short legs, but the feisty plumber has
several tricks up his sleeves including pinpointing Nadal’s weakness…

▼ …backflipping into a more advantageous position…

▼ …and executing an ultra cool mid-air smash.

▼ Judging from Nadal’s dumbfounded look, he’s clearly never
played against someone who saves princesses on a daily basis.

▼ Aside from the awesome match,
the video also highlights a new feature allowing players to challenge a ruling.

The hype is real for Japanese netizens:

“The video is cool. There’s no way he can beat Nadal though.”
“I thought it would be Nishikori Kei. I certainly didn’t expect Nadal.”
“Next will be Venus Williams versus Bowser.”
“Nintendo’s trailers have improved recently. Tennis fans must have swooned at the incorporated challenge system.”
“I like how they’ve even included the Mario theme in the marker writing sound effect. They’ve got good sense.”

Mario Tennis Aces looks to be an action-packed tennis game perfect for families or gatherings. With a whole slew of powerful special shots for different characters, trick shots and tournament features, this ought to satisfy Switch gamers until the cool Pokémon RPG arrives later this year.

Source: YouTube/Nintendo via Golden News
Images: YouTube/Nintendo