Join Takkyu Genin Pinpon as he takes us on a whirlwind ride of table tennis themed comedic bits that never have a dull moment.

Japan is in the midst of a table tennis craze at the moment, hot off the success the country’s men and women had against the juggernauts from China. Table tennis themed curry is flying off the shelves and the newest power couple to hit Japan’s entertainment scene is child prodigy Ai Fukuhara and fellow Olympian from Taiwan, Chiang Hung-chieh.

And now another Japanese table tennis player is making waves around the world. This guy can’t be found at the Olympics, however. His name is Takkyu Genin Pinpon (Table Tennis Entertainer Ping Pong) and his YouTube videos of comedic ping pong are getting the admiration of all who watch them.

The response has been so strong that Pinpon released an English compilation of some of his greatest bits. Enjoy!

The opening scenes show that these guys aren’t just goofing around when it comes to the sport. Some of those trick shots in “Ping Pong Boring [bowling]” would take a considerable degree of skill to land even with multiple takes.

That’s just a tiny fraction of the entertainment packed into this three minutes video that also demonstrates table tennis etiquette, alternatives to a paddle, and how to avoid knife wielding attackers and angry girlfriends with table tennis techniques.

Viewers from Japan and abroad were all in love with these ping pong antics and took to the comments to express their amusement.

“That was great from start to finish.”
“You are a f***ing genius.”
“That last scene was very romantic.”
“Hilarious. He is crazy.”
“You deserve at least a million views!”
“Alright we can delete YouTube now. This is the winner. It’s over.”

As can be seen from the comments coming in multiple languages, Pinpon’s brand of humor is borderless and told through the universal language of table tennis. In fact, I kind of hate the sport as I often spend 80 percent of it walking around picking up errant balls, but I still loved every moment of this video.

Also, as mentioned before, this is a compilation video based on Pinpon’s previous works titled Takkyubu Aru Aru. We’ll leave you with one of them. It’s a little harder to follow in Japanese but should still entertain. The others can be found on Pinpon’s YouTube page linked below.

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Original article by Takashi Harada
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