Too bad there’s no Bowser one or I would have copped a Koopa cup of that.

The Super Mario franchise has been around so long that the main characters have appeared in countless video games, movies, and ice cream. So it’s probably safe to say that we’ve all crossed paths with the pudgy plumbers in one way or another, and I’m sure we’ve all had the same thought when looking at their curvy physiques: “You know, if I tore off his head and limbs, he’d make a pretty swell tumbler.”

Well, now this psychopathic dream will become a reality with the release of the Super Mario Tumbler Book on 12 October. The reason it’s called a “book” is that it comes with some kind of pamphlet that allows it to be classified as a book and thus displayed on the magazine racks of a convenience store which in this case is 7-Elevens nationwide.

They come in the torsos of either Mario or Luigi for 2,959 yen (US$20) each and the designs are deceptively simple yet detailed, right down to the subtly different shades of blue used in each brother’s overalls.

Each cup is made of steel and can hold about 320 milliliters (11 ounces). The design is vacuum insulated to keep your beverage at an optimal temperature and also keep condensation from forming on cold drinks, making them great for workspaces.

▼ That Compaq Presario is safe and sound!

These limited-edition cups are being sold to commemorate the launch of Super Mario Wonder for Nintendo Switch on 20 October. The titular “book” that comes with each cup will offer a look at the upcoming game and other details.

So, be sure to pick up a cup from one of the many 7-Elevens that carry it or order it directly from the website of its distributor Takarajimasha. Hopefully, next time, the company will answer the question on everyone’s mind — whether or not tearing off Sonic the Hedgehog‘s head would make for a decent toothbrush holder.

Source: Takrajimasha, PR Times
Images: PR Times
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