This should be welcome news if you’ve been waiting for more animated skating action from Yuri and the gang! 

The animated series Yuri!!! on Ice quickly gained an international following when it aired on Japanese TV from October to December of 2016, due to its realistic portrayal of the world of men’s figure skating. Plus, who doesn’t like to see beautiful men in gorgeous costumes show off their graceful moves on ice, right?

In fact, the anime has been popular enough to capture the attention of a real-life olympic ice skater and even unexpectedly boost the sales of some very expensive lip balm.

So it’s no surprise that fans of the series have been waiting in anticipation since it was announced last year that there was a Yuri!!! on Ice movie in the works. Fans will have to wait little longer to see the actual film, but they’ll be happy to hear that there’s been an update on the project, as it was announced at the Yuri!!! on CONCERT musical event held earlier this week that the movie will be released some time in 2019. The movie will be titled Yuri!!! on Ice the Movie: Ice Adolescence, and a teaser visual has been revealed, as well as a short trailer.

▼ The short “special movie,” narrated by Junichi Suwabe, who voices Victor Nikiforov in the anime

▼ The first teaser image released for the film.

With Japan scoring the gold and silver medals in men’s figure skating at this year’s Pyeongchang Olympics, combined with the immense popularity of champion Yuzuru Hanyu who became the first skater in 66 years to win two consecutive gold medals in men’s figure skating, an anime featuring the sport is sure to create a good amount of buzz, as fans of both the anime and figure skating look forward to the film’s release.

In addition, a large print of the teaser image is scheduled to be displayed at the Yuri!!! on MUSEUM event which will be hosted by TV Asahi as part of their TV Asahi Summer Festival from July 14 to August 26 at the Roppongi Hills shopping and entertainment complex, so if you’re in Tokyo this summer, you may want to check it out. It may still be a while before the movie comes out, but we’ll keep looking forward to further updates in the future!

Source: Lis Ani Web
Top image: Yuri!!! on Ice the Movie: Ice Adolescence official site
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