A showering of gifts might be the norm for the Olympic gold medalist, but this one could mean the most to him.

Yuzuru Hanyu’s dashing good looks and unmatched elegance on ice has earned him a legion of devoted supporters, including one really famous manga artist.

When Tokyo FM Broadcasting Co. conducted an exclusive post-Olympics interview with Yuzuru about which songs calmed his nerves before every competition, the star skater mentioned the late Koji Wada’s “Butter-Fly” as the number one tune that helped him achieve inner peace each time.

▼ Which also happens to be the opening theme
of digital monster anime, Digimon Adventure.

Yuzuru said during the radio interview:

“Although Koji Wada is no longer around, I love Digimon’s opening theme as I’m a Digimon fan in the first place. The song carries strong images of feathers and wind, of flying headfirst into the breeze. I think Koji Wada might have been watching over me from above.”

It didn’t take long before his heartfelt words reached their ears of staff working on Digimon, and touched by the fact that their work contributed in helping Yuzuru defend his world title, they drew a fitting tribute to congratulate him on his well-deserved gold medal.

▼ It looks like Omnimon, Renamon, Terriermon and Guilmon
have been supporting him all this time.

Although Japanese netizens knew that he was an avid fan of Winnie the Pooh and dark manga series Tokyo Ghoul, this juicy bit of information was news to them:

“People who like Digimon can’t be bad.”
“So Yuzuru’s actually Taomon?”
“I had no idea he liked Digimon….”
“This is great! Kinda like a collaboration.”
“So he’s a fan of

Now all that’s left is for Yuzuru Hanyu to come full circle and do a breathtaking routine using “Butter-Fly”, just like how another Olympic skater did with music from the anime Yuri!!! on Ice.

Source: Twitter/@jinke_jinke via Hamsoku
Featured image: Twitter/@jinke_jinke