When the actors look like they just stepped out of an anime, things are off to a good start.

One year after the announcement that detective anime City Hunter would be getting a French live-action adaptation called Nicky Larson, filming of the hotly anticipated film is well underway.

One of the most important steps in ensuring accurate portrayal of characters in adaptations is to have actors that actually look the part. And according to Japanese Twitter user @osome03, Nicky Larson seems to be focusing on staying true to the anime. Just take a look at main protagonist Ryo Saeba (a.k.a. Nicky Larson in the French localization) and his partner Kaori Makimura (Laura Marconi) below in what appears to be leaked photos from the set.

▼ It’s Ryo and Kaori in the flesh! (translation below)


“The poster of the French version of City Hunter (Nicky Larson) is so City Hunter-like. Kaori is so similar to Kaori that I can’t wait to see it. The costumes are also faithful…!”

▼ The resemblance to the anime characters is almost uncanny.

Philippe Lacheau, the director of Nicky Larson who also plays Ryo, definitely nailed the detective’s red T-shirt and blue blazer outfit in the tweet pictures. Even the hairstyles match the anime’s, with Ryo rocking his trademark unkempt hair and Kaori (played by Élodie Fontan) sporting her 1980s short pixie cut.

▼ The film poster is just so City Hunter-esque.

Japanese fans were overjoyed with Lacheau’s impressive attention to detail:

“I’m so happy they went all out…I can’t stop my tears!”
“There’s so much love going into this.”
“I’m glad they’re staying faithfully [to the original work].”
“Looks like the real thing.”
“You’ve earned my respect for adhering to the original.”

Few live-action remakes live up to fans’ expectations, but we hope Lacheau’s portrayal of the anime classic will hit some nostalgic notes. Judging from the details he has recreated in the photos, fans can rest assured that filming of Nicky Larson is in good hands.

Source: Twitter/@osome03, Chu2 via Hachima Kikou
Featured image: Twitter/@osome03