What do you think about the new live-action costumes?

From Fullmetal Alchemist to Ghost in the Shell, this year has seen plenty of leaked photos from live-action remakes of popular anime and manga. Apparent leaked photographs from filming of the Bleach live-action film adaptation appeared online this week.bleachleak1


Although not all comments were critical, some net users complained that the photos are a letdown. They said the costume looks cheaper than cosplay.



Other fans said online that Ichigo’s live-action sword looks like cardboard covered with silver paper. One commenter said that it looks more like a “huge butter knife than a sword.”

There is no official word that these are actually images from the adaptation’s filming. And since the film isn’t slated to open in Japan until 2018, it’s possible real filming has yet to begin. Perhaps these images are some kind of on-location filming test. One can only hope?

The film adapts Tite Kubo‘s Bleach manga. Sōta Fukushi (live-action Toshokan Sensō/Library Wars’ Hikaru Tezuka, live-action Strobe Edge‘s Ren Ichinose, live-action Kami-sama no Iu Toori‘s Shun Takahata) is starring in the film as Ichigo Kurosaki, and Shinsuke Sato (live-actionGantz, Gantz II: Perfect Answer films, Oblivion Island anime film) is directing the film.

Bleach entered its final story arc in February 2012. The manga’s 73rd volume then announcedthat the 74th volume will be the final volume. The 74th compiled volume is slated to ship in Japan on November 4.

Kubo launched the manga in Weekly Shonen Jump in 2001, and Shueisha published the manga’s 73rd volume on July 4. Viz Media is publishing the manga in North America digitally in English as new chapters are published in Japan. The company is also publishing the manga in print and published the 67th volume on July 5.

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