After suspect steals police officer’s weapon and turns it against him, employee of company with cute cat mascot joins fight on streets of Tokyo.

Slightly before 10 a.m. on Monday morning, the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department’s Himonya Precinct received an emergency call from a concerned citizen in the Nakane neighborhood. Located in Meguro Ward on the southwest side of Tokyo, Nakane is a quiet residential community…or at least it’s usually quiet.

On this morning a 50-something man had been seen walking down the street and randomly swinging a knife around, and apparently not because he had some pencils that needed sharpening. Two officers quickly arrived on the scene, but the man became combative, shouting and continuing to swing the blade around, causing the police to move in for the arrest, which was captured in this dramatic video by Twitter user @Azsa2go.

As the video open, a female police officer, seen in the foreground, commands the suspect to “Drop the knife!” Meanwhile, her male colleague closes ground on the man’s flank, but the suspect grabs the male police officer’s long baton away from him, turning the weapon on the officer.

The female officer rushes in to help her partner, and they’re quickly joined by another man who begins raining occipital blows upon the suspect, punching him in the back of the head so hard that the sound of the weighty thwacks carries across the street to where the video is being filmed. However, you might notice that instead of the dark blue outfits of the two regular police officers, this third man is dressed in a beige uniform and green cap.

▼ The man can be seen on the far right of the group here.

So why the different uniform? Is this powerful pugilist part of the SWAT team, or some sort of team of bare-knuckled combat specialists the Tokyo Metropolitan Police has dress differently so would-be criminals know the law’s fists of fury are coming for them?

Nope. The man in beige is dressed differently because he’s not a police officer at all. He’s a deliveryman for Yamato Transport, Japan’s most famous courier company.

▼ Special delivery – five punches to the head.

The way the deliveryman leaps into the fray makes it hard to believe he’s employed by the same company that has its workers wear cute paw-print work gloves and once made a giant kitty robot that dispensed presents in exchange for nose rubs. But yep, he just happened to be making his morning work runs when the incident occurred, and figured that while he was delivering packages, he might as well deliver justice as well.

With this, Yamato Delivery challenges rival courier company Sagawa Express’ title as “toughest delivery people in Japan,” and also repays the debt of duty from the time the police helped out Yamato when it was having trouble Japan’s wannabe supervillain Chainsaw Man. However, we must stress that in times of emergency, your first call should still be to the police, because despite the fearless actions of the deliveryman seen in the video, it isn’t like all Yamato employees are coiled springs of righteousness just waiting for the opportunity to literally fight crime. Watch the video all the way to the end, and you’ll see a second Yamato deliver person pass in front of the camera, and this guy pretty much ignores the mid-street brawl as he continues pushing his delivery cart.

Packages ain’t gonna deliver themselves, after all.

Source: Twitter/@Azsa2go via Jin, Yomiuri Online
Images: Twitter/@Azsa2go