Uber Eats delivers movie theater popcorn at certain Tokyo and Chiba locations

Real movie popcorn taste at real movie popcorn prices, right to your door!

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Japanese courier service creates what could be the cutest delivery box ever

If you think cardboard boxes are meant to be just plain and functional, you need to see these “Cat Ear” boxes from Yamato Holdings. 

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SoraNews24 founder straps 20-pound device to back to keep crotch dry

A story about pleasing your boss.

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Japanese pizza in the coronavirus age – Testing Pizza Hut’s anti-infection Oki Pizza delivery

Company starts putting the pizza down to help keep customers and workers safe.

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Domino’s, Pizza Hut introduce “Zero Contact” delivery service in Japan amidst coronavirus fears

Delivery drivers will stand two meters from your front door and watch as you pick up your pizza.

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Japan’s worst Amazon deliveryman caught in the act【Video】

Terrible customer service, pretty decent arm strength.

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Domino’s Pizza delivery driver battles Typhoon Jebi in Japan, video goes viral 【Video】

These clips show a worker’s valiant attempts to stay upright in strong winds is no match for the force of Mother Nature.

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Japanese deliveryman delivers beating and justice to knife-wielding criminal in Tokyo【Video】

After suspect steals police officer’s weapon and turns it against him, employee of company with cute cat mascot joins fight on streets of Tokyo.

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McDonald’s Japan has free smiles on its delivery menu, but does asking for one make a difference?

Genuine service, or meaningless marketing ploy? We conduct an experiment to see what happens if you pass on the Golden Arches’ offer to see some pearly whites.

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Chiba City to become Amazon drone delivery test zone

Japanese government designates Chiba as a special “deregulated zone,” at least partially so the city can move forward with test flights for drone-based delivery services alongside retail giant Amazon.

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McDonald’s Japan is now adding to my giant pile of home delivery junk mail

In our modern digital age, it can be somewhat jarring to see Japan clinging so doggedly to its analogue roots. Despite being considered by many to be the home of technology, Japan is also a place where the fax machine is still considered a vital piece of office equipment, flip-phones are holding their own against smartphones, and without actual, physical cash, it is sometimes impossible to make a payment in a store or restaurant.

Like so many people these days, on the rare occasion that I order food in, I’m far more inclined to reach for my laptop than my phone, and a kitchen drawer stuffed with fast food menus is now something that I associate only with my childhood and university days. Even so, I receive anywhere between 10 and 15 fast food delivery menus through my door each week living here in Tokyo, with Pizza Hut and pals feeling the need to constantly remind me of their existence by showing me brightly coloured pictures of their food and telling me that they’re just a phone call away.

And now, it would seem, McDonald’s Japan has joined the ranks of companies employing shifty-looking dudes on scooters to push junk mail through my mail slot.

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Thinking of ordering a pizza on a snow day? “Screw you!” tweets Japanese delivery driver

With record snowfall this weekend, not many people were keen to get out of their houses to do anything but buy emergency supplies and make snowmen. Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s no money to be made–after all, crappy weather is the perfect time to order a pizza, isn’t it? Really, is there anything better than curling up under the kotatsu with a giant steamy pizza, some hot chocolate, and a few DVDs from Tsutaya?

Well, unless you’re the delivery driver, I suppose. Then you might have a very different take on the matter, as one Japanese Twitter user pointed out.

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Fries missing from your order? McDonald’s Japan will deliver them to your door

We have all experienced it before. You’re too tired to cook, but also too tired to go sit down at a restaurant. You want a quick meal that takes no effort at all and you want to just veg out on the couch while you eat. Off to the McDonald’s drive-thru you go to order yourself a BigMac meal. You finally make it home, park yourself in front of the TV and peel open the greasy bag only to find that THEY FORGOT YOUR FRIES!!! Exhausted and completely famished, you bitterly bite into your BigMac which somehow doesn’t taste as good without a fry chaser.

But if you are in Japan, you can call up the McDonald’s you ordered your meal from and they will deliver the missing item…for free.

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Can a Courier Carry Carrier Pigeons Cased in Cardboard?

A widespread discussion was ignited among Twitter users of Japan recently over the act of delivering pigeons through delivery services such as Yu-Pack, the courier of the Japanese post office. It started – as these things often do – with an award-winning manga writer taking a hike through the mountains.

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