Roadside largesse from complete stranger inspires others to share stories of unexpected generosity in Japan’s famously money-loving city.

In Japan, the people of Osaka are often said to be, well, let’s call it especially enamored with money. The local greeting, “Mokarimakka?,” literally translates to “Are you making money?”, and the city’s middle-aged and elderly women are said to be some of the toughest price negotiators you’ll find in the country.

However, the unusual experience of one Japanese Twitter user is letting people know that not all of Osaka’s ladies are tightfisted. Bicycling enthusiast @mongoosehulk was recently out and about pedaling around Osaka, despite the sweltering heat. As he was waiting at a signal light, a middle-aged woman driving a Suzuki Wagon R pulled up next to him, looked over, and said:

“You’re really working hard in this heat! So cute! Take this and buy yourself something to drink.”

She then handed him 2,000 yen (US$18) in cash.

▼ @mongoosehulk’s deeply tanned legs serve as testament to the scorching temperatures.

Other Twitter users chimed in with their own tales of Osaka generosity.

“When I was riding my road bike through Osaka, some middle-aged woman I’d never met before said ‘I’m really happy to see a woman on a road bike! Keep at it!’ and gave me 1,000 yen.”

“I was playing a rhythm game set up outside an arcade, and some middle-aged woman I didn’t know said, ‘You’re really good!’ and gave me [one of Osaka’s famous] 551 pork buns. Another time, someone in Osaka just told me ‘Thanks for walking here,’ and gave me 1,000 yen.”

Another thing Osaka is famous for is its comedy scene, with aspiring comedians from across Japan moving to the city as they try to establish their careers, which ties into one more story of big-heartedness.

“When I lived in Osaka, there was another guy in my condo building who was trying to become a comedian/actor. The building manager knew how hard it can be for people to make ends meet while they’re starting off in that field, so sometimes he’d give the guy a 1,000-yen bill. ‘I’m giving you this, so take it. If that makes you feel guilty, just pay me back double someday.”

What’s especially strange about @mongoosehulk’s story is that even though a cold drink from a vending machine or convenience store in Japan will only run you about 150 yen, the woman gave him the unexpected present went to the trouble of giving him two 1,000-yen bills, so it’s not like she was simply giving him the smallest denomination she happened to have. It’s the most random part of her random act of generosity, leaving @mongoosehulk to tweet “There are some really nice things about Osaka,” and maybe he can use some of his sudden cash influx to buy a box of charity Kit Kats to help with Osaka’s recovery from its recent earthquake.

Source: Twitter/@mongoosehulk via Hachima Kiko
Featured image: Twitter/@mongoosehulk
Top image: Pakutaso

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