For most people in the country, the trains in Japan are relatively pleasant outside of rush hour, though they’re generally not exactly entertaining. Which is probably a good thing, because an entertaining train would probably be an annoying train! But if you ride them long enough, there’s a good chance you’ll accumulate a few funny stories.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be in Japan to hear the good ones—Twitter users are happy to share them online! Below, we’ve gathered a few of our favorites to give you a good laugh. So hop aboard as we take a look at some of the funniest train-related stories found on Twitter.

Our first tweet is as cute as it is silly—a perfect recipe for train-based comedy!

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“Panel 1: Two little kids I saw today
Panel 2: It’s coming!
Panel 3: Whoosh!
Tweet: It seems like they were really excited about the train passing by.”

But not all funny train stories are so innocent. Here’s one that took a turn for the strange…and then another one!

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“A university student dropped his pen on the floor and when he bent down to pick up, a woman across from me blew up. ‘Hey, don’t be peeking!’ ‘Who the hell do you think is looking at you?’ he shouted back, to which she got even angrier. ‘Even if you weren’t just lie and say you were!’ For a moment, the Den’entoshi Line was in an uproar.”

This next story is a great one if you’ve ever been annoyed with a group of particularly loud group of high school students. We know they mean no harm, but we still wish they’d keep it down!

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“An older guy on the train got mad at a group of high school girls causing a ruckus on the train, telling them, ‘You’re on the train! Be quiet!’ The girls, trying to stay quiet, continued laughing silently, their shoulders shaking. The man saw them and quipped, ‘Now they’ve gone into manner mode!’ 70 percent of the whole train died laughing.”

Do you have trouble communicating with cute guys and/or girls you have a crush on? If so, this one might be painfully familiar—but we bet you’ll still get a good chuckle from it!

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“Tweet: I saw this on the train today…
Panel 1: ‘Um, hey. We’re always on the same train home, so it’s like we’re dating.’
Panel 2: ‘Really? Our houses are just close.’ ‘O-oh. Yeah.’
Panel 3: ‘…’
Panel 4: ‘…’ ‘Do you want to go to karaoke or something?’
Panel 5: ‘No, I’m not really good at singing…’ ‘Oh. Okay.’ ‘JUST GO WITH HER, YOU IDIOT!'”

People tend to do their best to accommodate those who need a bit of extra help on the train, but things don’t always go quite the way you might expect…

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“There was an old woman standing on the train, so I started talking to her, saying ‘Um, uh, please…take my seat…’ But I guess she was hard of hearing and ignored me. As I hesitated, a middle-aged man, who’d seen the whole thing, said, ‘You have such excellent manners! If you don’t mind, I’ll take your seat.’ I told him no. Who the hell do you think you are, buddy?!

And finally, here’s a tale about virtue being its own reward and why you should help vomiting old guys on the train.

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“There was an middle-aged guy vomiting on the train. Everyone was giving him dirty looks and keeping away from him, but my friend showed him kindness and went over to help him. Another day, the middle-aged man saw my friend on the train again and invited him over for dinner as thanks for taking care of him.
As it happened, the guy had a really cute daughter that my friend got close with and they ended up getting married.
Be sure to help vomiting old guys!”

Do you have any funny train stories from Japan? If so, be sure to share them with us below!

Source: Curazy
Top image: Twitter/@hana_sima_