Remember to try out this soul warming, irresistible delicacy before you leave the airport.

Haneda Airport offers one of the best selections of exclusive goodies not found anywhere else in Japan. As there are plenty of rare souvenirs and duty-free goods available, travelers should allocate extra time to browse to their hearts’ content.

The other day, our Japanese-language reporter Masanuki Sunakoma arrived at Haneda Airport four hours before his scheduled flight. That was rather early, even for a well-traveled person like him, but the airport’s official magazine Big Bird Press had recommended a cafe called Nenrinya that he simply could not resist.

Nenrinya is a baumkuchen specialty takeout store with branches in Ginza and Tokyo Station, but according to the magazine, the one in Terminal 2 of Haneda Airport supposedly boasted a cafe and a “new way of savoring” the popular snack.

▼ Baumkuchen is a cake baked on a spit,
well-known for its unique multi-layered appearance.

▼ A Nenrinya store can be found in Yokohama too

Passing through the airport security checkpoint, Masanuki turned left and headed straight for Gate 51 where Nenrinya Cafe was located.

▼ Since this airside area was only accessible to flight passengers,
the cozy cafe was very exclusive.

▼ So many choices to make, so little tummy space.

After much pondering, Masanuki ordered the Hot Baumkuchen Set (720 yen, US$6.42) that came with a drink and a free topping of either vanilla gelato or whipped cream.

▼ He went with the gelato, and found himself salivating when staff presented him with his order.

▼ A delightful aroma of fresh eggs and butter immediately wafted up to his nostrils.

▼ Masanuki had to resist the urge to devour everything before he even reached a table.

The set came with two pieces each of Nenrinya’s trademark Straight Baumkuchen and Mount Baumkuchen, all served at a warm temperature that struck a delightful contrast when eaten with cold vanilla gelato.

▼ These are luxurious bite-sized servings of happiness.

The delectable treat paired well with coffee, making it a perfect snack and an excellent way to pass time at the airport.

▼ But alas, it was over all too soon.

As the Hot Baumkuchen Set only came with four pieces of cake, travelers hoping for a more filling treat will have to look elsewhere to satisfy their appetite. Nenrinya Cafe does serve some awesome Baumkuchen Sandwiches though, which might be a great option if you prefer something a little more savory.

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