Two Sega fans get married in Japan, win at weddings with awesome Mega Drive wedding cake【Pics】

An edible Sega tower of power to mark the start of married life.

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Celebrate your oshi’s birthday in style with this fully customisable cake

The cake comes in 24 different colours and a whole load of possibilities!

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Beautiful Japanese cake looks like a slice of the ocean frozen in time【Photos】

An umi dessert for Umi no Hi.

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Edible One Piece Gum-Gum Fruit goes on sale in Japan【Photos】

May or may not make your limbs stretch like Luffy, but absolutely will be a dessert you’ll never forget.
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Japanese sweets artist makes incredible Pokémon cake for son’s birthday

Rowlet becomes Grass and Fire type with the addition of birthday candles.

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Matcha cake from one of Japan’s top tea towns has a one-month wait, but is it worth it?【Taste test】

Teen shogi phenomenon Sota Fujii sets off surge in popularity for the Chabatake.

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We sample both of the “secret” Starbucks cakes that you can only order online

Incredibly rich and dense, these cakes are perfect for Extreme Fans of cheesecake or chocolate.

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This frozen “lucky bag” from a leading sushi chain has absolutely no sushi in it

It’s not sushi, but it’s the next best thing.
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Roasted nori seaweed cake might be a dessert even more Japanese than matcha sweets【Taste test】

Tea company that’s been in business for more than 300 years takes Japanese sweets to a pitch-black frontier.

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Kyoto’s newest Shinkansen souvenir: Canned cakes filled with matcha and cherry blossoms

A beautiful way to cap off a trip to the ancient Japanese capital.  

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“Drunk Taiyaki” turns traditional Japanese sweet into an amazing new tipple

A very different way to enjoy Japan’s beloved fish-shaped sweet.

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Is it possible to make a cheap senbero drinking party with your dog? 【Japan’s Best Home Senbero】

I don’t even know what we’re doing any more.

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How to make the largest taiyaki fish-shaped sweet bean pancake in the world

Not your ordinary tall fish tale.

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Beautiful cans of cake become a viral hit in Japan

We lift the lid on a rare beauty that everyone wants to try right now. 

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Starbucks Japan releases a surprise Chocolate Tea Cake Frappuccino【Taste Test】

New drink appears in stores without any prior notice.

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Muji cake mania! Which of the 23 flavors of cake they sell are the best?

We ate all 23, but when you can’t fit that many in your stomach, which should you choose?

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Sports cake developed by legendary Japanese castella company

Let them run with cake.

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New Pokémon Wedding Plan in Japan includes Pikachu couples jewellery

Loved-up Pikachus are ready to tie the knot with you on your special day.

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Starbucks sakura sweets season starts with cherry blossom cake, donuts, and more

Starbucks Japan kicks off the cherry blossom fun early, because you can never have too many sakura desserts.

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Japan’s Virtual Boyfriend Cake is here to keep you company/be your murder victim this Christmas

Our single-lady reporter meets and eats her new beau.

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