Combines the savory satisfaction of a curry dish with the convenience of a cup of coffee.

Curry has long been a widely loved food in Japan, but its saucy nature makes it hard to enjoy on the go. In the past, modern science has attempted to tackle this serious design flaw by developing various curry sodas, chocolates, and the popular donuts known as curry pan, but they never quite capture that charm of a pipping hot plate of rice and curry with all the fixings.

But now Tokyo Airport Restaurant Co. believes they have found the solution. By harnessing the awesome power of plastic cups, they have found a way to pack all the goodness of an authentic Japanese curry in an easy to carry form called Haneda Walking Curry.

The Haneda Walking Curry is a cup about the size of a large coffee with a bottom full of rice and topped with a ground-meat-laced keema curry. This is all attractively topped with a sprig of broccoli, slice of red pepper, half a hard-boiled egg, and small slice of buttery rusk.

That all looks delicious enough to sell itself, but Haneda Walking Curry is being marketed as an essential item to carry while strolling through the airport with the often seen slogan of: “Baggage, Ticket, Curry?”

▼ “Walking, eating. A new standard of curry.”

As the name suggests, Haneda Walking Curry is only sold at Haneda Airport in Tokyo. It can be purchased from the Sky Station restaurant on the 6th Floor of Terminal 1 near the observation decks for 580 yen (US$5.35) starting 17 June.

With SoraNews24 being notoriously big fans of Japanese curry, the only sad point is that this portable meal is so limited in availability. But hopefully, if it catches on, we will begin to see more Walking Curry cups sold around Japan so that all citizens may finally have their curry and walk with it too.

Restaurant Information
Sky Station / スカイステーション
Haneda Airport Terminal 1 6F Observation Deck
Hours: 11 a.m. – 5 p.m.
*Haneda Walking Curry begins on 17 June

Source, images: PR Times