We could see the amazingly non-aging Chuando Tan starring in a Crazy Rich Asians spinoff.

Meet Chuando Tan, an ordinary 52-year-old from Singapore with a successful career. Oh, but don’t forget his 1.1 million Instagram followers.

▼ Hi there ♪…is what we’d like to say if we weren’t so busy retrieving our jaws from the ground.

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Flying kisses ? Lol 😂🙈 #missyouguys #too

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OK, let’s cut right to the chase–if you’re aching to know how to score those age-defying looks, apparently the secret is eating six poached eggs, a small slice of French toast, and grilled vegetables for breakfast, according to an article in Singaporean publication The Straits Times.

▼ Having devilish style, an air of sexy confidence, and a low button-down shirt also helps.

We got our first major eyeful of Tan last year, and in the time since, he doesn’t look like he’s aged a day. A graduate of the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Tan is one-half of the fashion photography dream duo of Chuando & Frey, whose repertoire includes everything from photographing A-list Chinese model Angelababy to shooting the cover for Janet Jackson‘s 2008 album Discipline. He also has modeling experience and is an aspiring actor, having moved to Beijing this past April to pursue his acting dreams.

▼ Hmm, the photographer must be running late…wait, what do you mean you’re not the model??

Tan apparently joined social media in 2015 after hearing that potential clients would prefer checking his pages to see some of his past work ahead of time. Part of that work also includes posting photos of himself going about his daily life, including such familiar and instantly relatable scenes as the following:

Eating. An activity often recommended by doctors to maintain peak physical and mental stamina. Gotta get that protein somehow.

Showering. Also recommended to maintain health and hygiene. Fortunately, having a six-pack is optional for us commoners.

Exercising. Just because the rest of us resemble melting ice cream cones with faces redder than a Charizard on steroids after a workout doesn’t mean that Tan doesn’t occasionally as well (it’s a lie, we tell you!).

Skewering rubber chickens.

…Actually, we’ve got nothing here.

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Despite the shock that must have come with garnering such an explosive base of followers in such a short time, Tan seems to treat his fans very well, with the occasional eye candy photo also thrown in.

Remember, kids–just because Santa didn’t give you those abs for Christmas doesn’t mean that you can’t proudly strut your stuff when and where you want to–unless the Tokyo police intervene, that is.

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Featured image: Instagram/chuando_chuandoandfrey