From towering skyscrapers through to the world’s busiest station, this sprawling Tokyo ward took years to recreate in miniature.

Papercraft in Japan is a beautiful thing. Whether it’s bringing life to characters through old cookie boxes and cans of Pringles, or making penguins spring to action from a flat, folded stack of cardboard, Japanese artists know how to manipulate paper to create works of art.

The latest paper maestro making jaws drop is a Japanese salaryman who goes by the handle @Fe2AEiFqz0X9AYw on Twitter. He’s used paper to recreate a huge block of Tokyo’s Shinjuku Ward on a smaller scale, and the result is truly breathtaking.

While it looks like it’s been made from sturdy, professional materials, the model is actually made all from paper. From the tracks at Shinjuku Station through to the city roads and surrounding buildings, no detail has been overlooked.

▼ The immaculate representation of the city area is incredibly accurate, and took over four years to create.

Built to 1/2200 scale, we can get an idea of how intricate and small the works are with this photo, which shows a one-yen coin next to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Buildings.

▼ And from the bird’s-eye-view above, the city planning looks spectacular.

The work attracted a lot of attention on Twitter, where it received more than 18,000 likes and over 6,000 retweets.

To show how the work was made, the Nagoya-based creator also shared this video, made up of 266 photos taken during the construction process.

▼ Even more closeups of the work can be seen on his Instagram account.

People around the country have been blown away by the tiny model of Shinjuku, leaving comments like:

“This is amazing! I can’t believe it’s just made from paper.”
“I want to like this 100 times.”
“Wow, well done on four years of hard work! The result is stunning.”
“The detail and accuracy on this is incredible.”
“Beautiful! All it needs now is Godzilla walking through it.”

With or without Godzilla, this model truly is a spectacular creation and an awesome achievement. And with such precision and patience at his fingertips, there are plenty more cities in Japan just waiting for his magic touch — we can’t wait to see what the talented salaryman comes up with next!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@Fe2AEiFqz0X9AYw
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