Muscular, smooth-skinned Chaundo retired from modeling decades ago, but not because he lost his looks.

As people get older it’s inevitable that they’ll start to lose some of their youthful looks. Skin wrinkles. Fat accumulates. Hair thins.

At least, it’s inevitable for most people. Some people, whether through genetics, determination, or a combination of the two, seem to stop aging in the prime of their young adulthood. We’ve seen this phenomenon occur with women in Japan and China, and now we’re taking a look at a man from Singapore.

With his strapping physique, unblemished skin, and boyish grin, Chaundo Tan looks like a carefree 20-something, unburdened by the true weight of the adult world and perhaps just a little overconfident as he basks in the lingering afterglow of his responsibility-free student days.

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But in actuality, Chaundo, who generally goes by just his given name, has a wealth of life experiences, and not necessarily because of a privileged childhood. That satisfied grin is the product of professional success in multiple fields, earned over more than three decades, as he’s actually 50 years old.

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Chaundo was born in 1967, began his modeling career at the age of 15, and by the late 1980s had become one of the most in-demand male models in Singapore. But in the mid-‘90s, he found himself growing dissatisfied with the quality of fashion photographers, and so he decided to become one himself, retiring from modeling in 1996.

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He’d eventually go on to found both his own modeling agency and photography firms, despite still looking good enough that it seems like he’d have no problem earning a very comfortable living if he were in front of the camera professionally.

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So to what does Chaundo credit his continuing handsomeness?

▼ A gift from God? A deal with the Devil? Both?!?

Back in 2006, he jokingly told an interviewer “Don’t ask me how I maintain my looks,” before claiming that he had no time to go to the gym and regularly got his meals from McDonald’s. Whether that was true or just a factious ruse is unclear, but he’s since changed his tune a bit, with a recent profession of his love for Hainanese chicken rice and snapshots of himself in the gym.

Chaundo also says he avoids hopping in the bath tub too late at night or too early in the morning, Maybe that also translates into getting enough sleep, but still, it’s hard to imagine any amount of slumber or bath timing keeping a person this young-looking at 50.

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But whatever the reasons, Chaundo isn’t likely to suddenly start looking like an old man anytime soon…

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…and so we can probably expect him to continue sharing shirtless selfies with his head at a jaunty diagonal for years to come.

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Featured image: Instagram/chuando_chuandoandfrey