Crazy Hot Asians? Singaporean photographer-turned-actor in his 50s drops jaw after jaw in his wake

We could see the amazingly non-aging Chuando Tan starring in a Crazy Rich Asians spinoff.

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Japanese eight-year-old drummer prodigy wows Internet with amazing Led Zeppelin cover【Video】

This elementary schooler is already making headlines as the next Yoshiki.

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Amazingly young-looking Singaporean photographer is 50, but looks less than half his age【Photos】

Muscular, smooth-skinned Chaundo retired from modeling decades ago, but not because he lost his looks.

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The Internet is going nuts for model Risa Hirako who looks more like 25 than 45.

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You might not believe it, but this cute Korean “kid” is actually 26 years old 【Video】

Hyomyun Shin might look like a teenager, but he’s actually a 26-year-old adult. His permanently youthful features are a result of Highlander Syndrome, an extremely rare condition that causes the body to age at a drastically reduced rate.

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This 15-Year-Old Vietnamese Boxer is a Complete Knockout

All puns aside, we would never have guessed in a million years that this 15-year-old has nine years of professional boxing training under her belt.

Born in 1997, Tran Thi Kim Ngan is Vietnam’s most famous female boxer and recently shot to stardom when local media noticed her good looks. Despite still being in school, young Tran is already set to break both hearts and noses across the world, and, to quote our colleagues over at RocketNews24 Japan, is clearly hiding more than just a couple of boxing moves beneath that dress of hers.

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