You may think you’re already pumped for the release of Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros. Ultimate on December 7, but you’re not truly prepared until you can sing this jingle.

It’s been an exciting journey for Smash Bros. fans looking forward to the release of Ultimate. The announcement that Animal Crossing’s Isabelle will be a playable character got fans around the world pumped up, and eager fans will be waiting to see if they can get their hands on one of these limited-edition 63-figure Amiibo sets.

To get everyone even more into the Smash Bros. spirit, Nintento has uploaded two commercials to their YouTube channel that give you a preview of what’s to come with an addictive jingle. These ads are called the “Su” version of the super commercials, named for the first syllable of the series’ name.

There’s a male version and a female version, each featuring different characters and lyrics. Here’s the female version.

▼ Bowser’s classic crushing move in action.

▼ “Fitness!

You’ll notice the sound “su” coming up a lot; the jingle’s lyrics are made up entirely of verbs and nouns that end in the sound “su” based on the personality of Smash Bros. characters. Some examples from the commercials would be “bukkowasu” (“smash“), “kettobasu” (“kick“), “oshitsubusu” (“crush“), “fesu” (“festival“), and “bakansu” (“vacation“).

The male version gives you a preview of characters like Link from The Legend of Zelda, Ness from EarthBound, Wario from the Super Mario franchise, and more.

▼ “Gas!” Gross…

▼ Link blows away his enemies in a slightly different way.

The videos give you a nice taste of what you can expect from this long-awaited release. Even if you don’t understand the Japanese lyrics, you can definitely catch on to the last part that just says “su, su, su, su, su!” over and over.

Netizens have commented on the commercials, with some pointing out that this is an older style of commercial in Japan.

“The Nintendo YouTube channel is sick.”
“So there’s also going to be ‘ma,’ ‘shi,’ ‘yu,’ ‘bu,’ ‘ra,’ ‘za,’ and ‘zu’ versions of the commercial. I get it.”
“This reminds me of the early days of Flash and Nico Nico.”
“It’s so comical that it’s hilarious!”
“Rathalos made me crack up on the bus.”

With the release just days away, we hope these commercials will help you su, su, su, super excited!

Source: Hachima Kiko
Top image: YouTube/Nintendo 公式チャンネル
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