Seiji finds yet another use for the Tokyo police’s simple survival tip.

The past couple of days this December have been unusually hot in Japan causing our writer Seiji Nakazawa to crave a cold beer. Luckily, he had a few cans at his disposal.

But while cans were good and all, what Seiji really desired was that frothy texture of an ale straight from the tap. However, having poured all his money into hair restoration surgery, Seiji lacked the funds to splurge on a pint at the bar. Of course home beer dispensers were also way outside his budget…or were they?

Recalling a disaster preparedness tip the Tokyo Metropolitan Police tweeted to help people conserve water, Seiji realized he had the ability to make his own beer tap for virtually nothing! All he had to do was punch a small hole into a plastic bottle.

Seiji luckily had a nice two-Liter plastic bottle he was about to recycle and retrieved it from the bin.

Then, adhering to the police’s instruction, Seiji poked a two- to three-millimeter (0.08- to 0.11-inch) hole in the side near the bottom.

Now, instead of water, our writer began pouring can after can of Kirin Ichiban Shibori while keeping his finger over the hole at the bottom. This was a little more challenging than the water because of the carbonation.

When it was full, he spun on the cap and released his finger. Sure enough, just as the water had been, the beer was nicely contained inside the bottle. It would only pour out when Seiji loosened the cap, and it would stop on a dime when he tightened it back up.

Seiji wanted to go for the atmosphere of an outdoor beer garden or music festival, so he opted for a plastic cup rather than a glass. He then proceeded for that precise pour that only beer from the tap can provide.

The beer had a nice creamy head and went down smooth and fresh. It wasn’t entirely like a real beer dispenser, but considering it was something Seiji fished out of the trash, the cost performance was through the roof. Just look at that smile!

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It’s also portable, so in the event a major disaster strikes you can be sure to have that pub-quality pint with you wherever you go.

Between this and the orange juice faucet, the Tokyo Metro Police are really delivering on the public service front recently. It should make you ask yourself when the last time your police force came up with an excellent beer serving tip was.

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