Is there something a little bit fishy about this fishmonger?

Sorry to keep you waiting–we’re well overdue for the latest installment of “The Internet goes gaga over a beautiful woman doing something!”

Earlier this month, Pengpeng Liu, a 27-year-old Taiwanese model (according to her Facebook profile), caught the attention of the local media when she was spotted working in a rather unexpected location. Although she’s a graduate of Hungkuang University, passersby at her family’s fish market in Shetou Township, Changhua County were surprised to see the beauty lending a hand behind the counter scaling, gutting, and deboning fish for customers.

▼ Here’s what she looks like when she’s not pitching in to help the family, both on a dressy day…

▼ …and on a more casual day:

When photos and videos of her hard at work began spreading like wildfire over the Internet, Pengpeng posted a thank you message on her own Facebook page and stated that she would begin working again the following morning at 8:30 A.M.

Many of her growing number of customers took photos and videos of her smiling and chatting during her shifts. Watch her deftly fulfilling a customer’s order in the clip below:

At one point, Liu was even interviewed for the news, during which she remarked that her family sells the freshest fish and did a little model’s walk with a fish at the end.

Net users on the whole found the news report to be quite humorous, and left many comments relating to her choice of work garb:

“Why does she need to wear such skimpy clothes while selling fish?”
“Maybe it’s too hot in the market…?”
“What makes you think that fishmongers have to fully cover up in the first place?”
“It’s because her father wears such skimpy clothes, too!”
“Aw, what a good daughter. I’m touched. I’d like to go buy fish from her now and have her cut it very slowly…”
“From now on I’ll only eat fish.” 

By the way, on a final note, we’ll leave you with a tip to catch not only fish but possibly Liu’s heart. During the interview she comments that her future partner should love lu rou fan (Taiwanese braised pork belly rice) as much as she does because she eats it every day. Take note, those wishing to impress!

Sources: Apple Daily, Facebook/劉芃芃
Featured image: YouTube/民視綜合頻道