This cruise was all about Idolmaster, and featured Cinderella Girls events and actors!

Few anime fans are quite as devoted as those of idol anime Love Live! and Idolmaster. The fans of these franchises, which are about teenage idols working towards stardom, are so enthusiastic about their favorite anime idol singers that they get up at the crack of dawn to get free character goods, which they then add to the already mountainous armor of merchandise that they wear to conventions.

Their enthusiasm has allowed for a whole array of goods to be released and events to be held. Idolmaster fans, for example, recently departed on a two-day, one-night cruise completely devoted to The Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage mobile game: a cruise called The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Cruise.

The ship departed on January 6 from Yokohama, and returned the next day for a one night on-board stay full of Cinderella Girls fun. The cruise began with a sending-off by Cinderella Girls fans who waved glow sticks and sang a popular song from the game, which was followed by an exciting departure party, in which Cinderella Girls actresses made an appearance.

Then began a near-continuous stream of Cinderella Girls events that lasted well into the morning. In the evening there was a “Talk and Live” featuring the Cinderella Girls actresses, and from 11 p.m. there was a dance party DJ’d with only Idolmaster music. For those who don’t care for partying, a live pianist played the same songs in the lounges. And don’t forget the big screen showing of the Three-Year Anniversary Event concert that happened last September!

▼ A Cinderella Girls voice actress, Nozomi Yamamoto, even made a special appearance at the dance party.

The Cinderella Girls themselves were all around throughout the cruise, too; for example, whenever an event would kick off, one of the characters would announce it on the loudspeaker.

And of course, having an augmented reality dinner date with their favorite Cinderella Girls character was definitely a highlight of the night for fans.

Though this was a cruise for otaku, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t going to be fancy. Guests were served what appears to be a nine-course meal for dinner, which they ate in a nice ballroom decorated with Cinderella Girls motifs and colors.

▼ The food

The interior of this cruise ship was also as lavishly and elegantly furnished as any ordinary ship…

…and it was equipped with a pool, jacuzzi, exercise room, and computer room, as well as several restaurants and bars. As if all of the Cinderella Girls events weren’t enough to keep the fans entertained!

For an Idolmaster fan, especially a Cinderella Girls fan, this cruise must have been a dream come true, though it came at a hefty minimum price of 53,600 yen (about US$500) per person. At this moment, there don’t seem to be plans to hold another Starlight Cruise in the future, but if you’re dying for the opportunity to go, keep your eyes peeled on the official Idolmaster website, and you might be the first to catch some good news!

Source: Otakomu
Featured Image: Twitter/@imas_official