Enjoy the holiday lights with a seasoned illumination guide.

When it comes to Christmas, Japan loves impressive Christmas light setups – or illuminations – and that doesn’t exclude Tokyo. However, in as big of a metropolis as Tokyo, it can take a lot of effort to see all of the famous ones in areas such as Tokyo Sky Tree and the Roppongi neighborhood.

So Japanese taxi company Expert Driver Service (EDS) has teamed up with seasoned illumination pros to offer a limited-time Tokyo Night Cruise tour until January 8, 2022. These three-hour tours star a taxi driver who’s very familiar with Tokyo illuminations and will take you around popular lightups throughout the city, all from the comfort of a taxi cab.

▼ Relax and enjoy the holiday spirit.

You can basically design your own course, but the Tokyo Night Cruise site suggests some major spots in particular: the Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba, Tokyo Sky Tree, the streets of Ginza, the Marunouchi area near Tokyo Station, Tokyo Tower, and more. Many of these spots are lit up normally, but they also do special lightups for Christmas.

▼ Though this video is from 2015, it gives you a pretty good idea of what to expect!

One of the big perks of this tour is that you’re free to stop the taxi and get out to take photos to your heart’s content. The Tokyo Night Cruise site even lists entry fees for popular attractions like Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Sky Tree for those that want the full nighttime Tokyo experience.

The tours last three hours and start at 15,220 yen (US$134.25) depending on where you want to begin and end your journey (just note that the start and end points have to be inside Tokyo). You’re also allowed to extend your tour for an additional 2,470 yen per 30 minutes.

▼ Up to four people can join in on the tour, so you can split the cost!

If you want to reserve, though, it’s better to do it sooner than later – only five of these Tokyo Night Cruise taxis depart per day. English-speaking drivers are also available upon request! So consider making this Christmas in Japan a bright one, after you’ve stopped by the Sailor Moon one in Kanagawa.

Source: PR Times, EDS
Images: PR Times
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