There’s a very different face hiding underneath this Idolmaster character.

Time and time again, we’ve seen cosplayers bend genders, recreate fantastical costumes, and pull out all the poses to bring manga, anime, and video game characters to life.

Now there’s a viral hashtag going around the cosplay community that looks at the person beneath the makeup, showing the before-and-after photos behind the look. And one Twitter user is making news for her particularly stunning transformation, that sees her go from this…

▼ Looking cute as Shin Sato from the Idolmaster Cinderella Girls.

To this.

▼ On the left, without makeup

That’s a pretty impressive magical girl transformation right there! Itawasa, who goes by the Twitter handle @itws_a, says the photo of her on the left was taken by her mother in the morning, when she was having a cup of coffee after waking up and finishing her pre-makeup skincare routine.

▼ Same girl, outside in cosplay.

People online were suitably impressed by Itawasa’s cosplay skills and her confidence to bare all, leaving comments like:

“It’s so rare to see a cosplayer without makeup! I have nothing but praise for her.”
“I always thought I didn’t have the looks to cosplay but this has given me the confidence to give it a try. Thank you!”
“Omg her makeup-free skin is gorgeous! What’s her secret?”
“She is glowing in that before image.”
“Well done for putting it all out there. Definitely following her and supporting her from now on!”

Itawasa says she’s surprised at all the attention she’s been getting following her tweet, and it’s certainly boosted her followers. She’s not the only cosplayer to show off their before-after images, though, and you can join them too, by simply sharing your photos with the hashtag “#レイヤーのオンとオフ” (“Cosplayer On/Off”).

And while you’re there, you might want to take a look at the #キャラの初コスと現在を比較 (“first and latest character cosplay comparison”) hashtag for some amazing then-vs-now transformations!

Source: Net Lab
Featured image: Twitter/@itws_a
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