Beautiful Tokyo water bus tour shows you off-the-beaten-path sakura from the land and river【Pics】

The only Tokyo sakura drive that suddenly turns into a cruise.

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Skip the crowds at Tokyo’s most popular cherry blossom spot with Meguro River Hanami Cruise

This year with more boats and more reservation spots!

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An expert in entertainment recommended us an Osaka sightseeing spot little known even to locals

It even gave our reporter a profound experience!

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The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Starlight Cruise sets sail, and Idolmaster fans love it【Pictures】

This cruise was all about Idolmaster, and featured Cinderella Girls events and actors!

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Sun, sea, and sumo: Fans of Japan’s oldest sport can soon book their dream vacation

Rikishi, oyakata, tokoyama, and Yokozuna. If these Japanese words mean anything to you, then you are likely a super sumo fan. Like any popular sport, it’s expensive to see your favorite athletes compete – and actually meeting and chatting with them seems like a distant dream. This is not so different for Japan’s national sport of sumo, with 13,000 fans at each tournament cheering for their favorites, you are just one in the crowd.

But, of course everyone wants more – more chances to take pictures and more chances to meet your favorite stars. Well, if you have nothing else planned for December, right now is your last chance to sign up for the Grand Sumo Cruise! Just be ready to open up your wallet!

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