Experience more than just the game in your town.

Fate/Grand Order, the most popular mobile phone game in Japan, is bringing a real treat for their fans across the ocean with the Fate/Grand Order U.S.A Tour 2019. Starting in February, you can see a series of events and exhibitions of the game in a total of four cities across the States. While most of them are stops at anime conventions, there’s also a stand-alone event dedicated solely to FGO!

The tour kicks off on February 24 with the stand-alone event, which is being held at the California Market Center in downtown Los Angeles. Visitors will be able to enjoy a series of stage events, merchandise, booths, and displays, with admission priced at US$30. A highlight of the event will be a panel featuring voice actress Kana Ueda, voice of Ishtar and Rin Tohsaka and FGO Project creative director Yosuke Shiokawa, and there will also be a cosplay area, kigurumi costume stage show, and Challenge Quest Battle Zone for gamers to enjoy.

There’s even a pre-show event the night before, February 23, which features a panel with voice actor Satoshi Tsuruoka, whose numerous roles include Gille de Rais, Arash, Caligula, and Spartacus. The pre-show event will run you US$20, but if you’re up for both the February 23 and February 24 shows, you can get a 2-day pass for US$45. Tickets are available online here.

After leaving the California Market Center, the FGO U.S.A Tour 2019 will be making stops at anime conventions Anime Central in Illinois (May 17-19), Anime Expo in Los Angeles (July 4-7), and Anime Weekend Atlanta (October 31-November 3) before finishing its American odyssey at New York’s Anime NYC (November 15-17).

Sources: Fate/Grand Order official website, Comic Natalie via Otakomu
Featured image: Fate/Grand Order official website