Perfect for cosplay, or for when you want them muscles without the work.

I think we can all agree that cosplaying is an art. If you’ve ever attempted your own costume from scratch, you know just how much time, effort, and creativity is needed to create a worthy finished product. The feeling that comes from finally putting on your completed work and fully transforming into your character, though, is what makes it all worth it in the end.

Sometimes, cosplayers will share a useful trick to help others create a costume that’s just that much more spectacular. In this case, Twitter user @YakiYakou shows us how anyone can beef up in minutes to give their muscular character the right look.

@YakiYakou, who specializes in game character cosplay, shared how she muscled up for her Fate/Grand Order cosplay using silicone push-up bras.

She explains:

“The fake muscles for my Cú Chulainn cosplay turned out really well so I just want to share. All you need to do is attach NuBra cups to muscular places around your arms! (Layer two on your shoulder, and put one on both sides of your upper arm and your forearm, using a total of six cups per arm)”

If you have slender arms, this method is the perfect way to bulk up your look if you’re cosplaying a particularly built character. Or, you know, if you’re just wanting to envision what you would look like with some nice shapely arms.

It’s a small touch, but seeing the costume all put together shows it adds just the right little something to the whole deal.

If you need some ideas for cool cosplay weaponry, hit up your local 100 yen shop (or dollar store) and check out these tutorials for inspiration!

Source: Twitter/@YakiYakou
Featured image: Twitter/@YakiYakou