Compassion and understanding really do make the world go round.

Every day we are safely delivered to our workplaces, schools and homes thanks to hardworking public transport employees who go to great lengths making sure all of us have a pleasant traveling experience.

When Japanese Twitter user @H_2yUKi realized his bus driver went the extra mile for passengers, he penned a letter to the company to ensure his efforts did not go unnoticed.

▼ He took to the Internet to share his experience.
(Translation below)

“I was seriously impressed by the bus driver’s kindness and provided feedback to the company. They replied back so politely that it made me really happy. I’m also in customer service so I get a lot of complaints, but whenever someone praises me I’m ecstatic. I only get a few such positive responses in an entire year. If there is a great store assistant, please remember to commend them; they would be so happy.”

His feedback to the bus company went like this:

“I took the last bus from the west exit of Kiyose Station to the north exit of Kumegawa Station on 15 February. The way the driver called out to passengers was fantastic. He would say, ‘To the employees and students who stay up late, thank you for the hard work.’ When passengers were getting off, I remembered him warning them, ‘A bicycle is approaching from behind. Please be careful when stepping off the bus.’

The way he conducted himself such as thanking other drivers for giving way or calling out destinations made me feel safe. I hope he will continue to do his best.”

Instead of simply navigating and driving down streets from stop to stop , the driver apparently extended his efforts to caring for passengers and connecting with them on a deeper level.

▼ Rather than a standoffish employee-customer type of interaction,
his felt like those between old friends or family members.

The bus company promptly replied to @H_2yUKi:

“Thank you for your continued patronage of Seibu Bus services. We have passed on your kind words to the assigned driver, to which he commented, ‘I am extremely pleased. As there are always a lot of exhausted customers who board our buses late into the night, I hope they can return home with a smile on their faces. I am always keeping an eye out for weary customers who may not be aware of vehicles approaching when getting off. Your commendation has encouraged me to do my best.’

Every day we receive feedback from customers, but compliments like yours are always few and far between. We would like to express our utmost gratitude and will transmit the driver’s exemplary conduct to employees working in our company. We deeply appreciate your valuable feedback and hope you will continue to use our Seibu Bus services.”

▼ @H_2yUKi had even more good things to say about the driver.
(Translation below)

“I forgot to include one detail in my earlier tweet as I was writing it while heading home from an exhausting ski trip. While I was waiting for the bus to depart from Kiyose Station, the driver actually warned me to be careful of influenza and taught me mouth gargling techniques. Perhaps I looked really tired or sick, because he checked to see if I was okay whenever the bus stopped at a traffic light. What a fantastic guy.”

Oftentimes we are quick to lodge complaints but slow in offering compliments to people in customer service. @H_2yUKi’s positive feedback to the company surely must have made the driver’s day, and we reckon that should really be the way of things. When someone puts a smile on your face, it makes sense to return the favor.

Source: Twitter/@H_2yUKi via My Game News Flash
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