Passenger moved by bus driver’s kindness writes letter to company and gets a heartfelt reply

Compassion and understanding really do make the world go round.

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Japanese NASA engineer discovers letter from 2085, makes contact with time traveler

Could this letter from 67 years in the future be the real thing?

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Unsatisfied customer returns “moldy” Japanese cracker to company, receives an essay in return

Netizens are impressed with how manufacturer admits fault and tackles the problem scientifically.

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Letter from first-grade daughter to her father is too cute and too deep for Japanese Internet

I didn’t know they taught such self-awareness in first grade.

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Famous characters celebrate special occasions in your life with personalized letters

What’s better than friends wishing you a happy birthday? Having One Piece’s Luffy or Ash from Pokémon personally doing it instead!

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Blind Japanese boy sends Nintendo heartwarming thank you letter, gets amazing response

Nintendo shows how much they care about all of their fans.

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Smellogram! Reconnect with friends through limited-edition scented letters

Smells do funny things to our brains. They connect us to memories and moments in a way that something visual never could. Just as interestingly is the effect smells have on our moods. Have you noticed that smells like lavender and vanilla give you a calming effect while a smell like coffee or citrus will perk you right up?

Now, Japan has combined the excitement of receiving a letter with the power of different scents to create a world first in letter sending. This service is available for only a limited-time, so try it before the letters (and smells!) are gone with the wind.

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Girl who lost father in last year’s deadly Hokkaido blizzard pens heart-wrenching thank-you letter

While Tokyo’s recent blizzard showed us the lighter side of natural disasters with amusing snow sculptures and insane images of overly panicked urbanites, these kind of storms have the potential to be very deadly and serious if you are caught outside. Last March, a violent storm hit the northeast part of Hokkaido and took the lives of nine people.

One of the most tragic stories to come out of this storm was a young girl who lost her father after he used his own body to protect her from the freezing temperatures and strong winds. On the one-year anniversary of the tragedy, the girl asked one of Japan’s biggest newspapers, the Yomiuri Shimbun, to publish a heart-breaking letter thanking the country for the huge outpouring of support over the past year.

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Factory Worker’s Letter of Resignation: “It’s Too Difficult to Land a Girlfriend Here.”

A letter of resignation has surfaced on the internet and made headlines in China for its contents.  It would seem that when the team leader of a certain electric motor factory discovered that it was in fact a sausage factory, he felt it was time to find other avenues of employment.

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