Wait, do cats come with optic camouflage now?

Sometimes, it seems like truly everything is cuter in Japan. This is, after all, the country that has turned both an enema and a coil of dog poop into huggable mascot characters.

As further proof of how cuteness permeates seemingly everything in Japan, a while back Twitter user @goood5678 tweeted a photo showing his apartment’s wood flooring that had appreciative commenters smiling over how adorable the snapshot is. Here, take a look.

“Wait, what’s so cute about that?” you might be asking, seeing nothing but some ordinary planks of wood. “Is Japan’s kawaii culture so advanced that its citizens can intrinsically feel the cuteness in random wood textures?”

But take a closer look. Notice how right in the center, there’s a narrow section where the textures seem to jump? That’s because it’s only the outer sections of the photo that show wood flooring, and right in the center of the frame is @goood5678’s pet cat!

▼ Here’s a diagram, if you’re having trouble seeing the guy.

While @goood5678 originally tweeted the photo last summer it’s recently been getting attention online again, earning comments like:

“Chameleon cat.”
“Optic camouflage?”
“That cat is the Predator.”
“It’s like he’s merged with the floor.”
“I think I’d totally step on him by accident.”

Other commenters shared their own photos of camouflage cats, which, while impressive, don’t quite match up to the master of stealth owned by @goood5678.

▼ Expert ninja cats know to keep their eyes hidden, something this neophyte has yet to learn.

@goood5678’s pet’s amazing ability to camouflage itself has us thinking that perhaps there’s nothing cats can’t do, so before we start feeling too inferior as a species, we’re off to rewatch this video proof that sometimes cats can be as silly and clumsy as we humans.

Sources: Twitter/@goood5678, Twitter/@marinamiries
Insert image: SoraNews24
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