A chance to travel with the star of Ultra Convulsions Erogenous Oil Boob Massage and Nude Divinity.

Traveling is generally more fun if you’re part of a group whose members share a certain passion. Maybe you and your buddies grab your skis and head to the slopes for a few days, or you meet up with some fellow sake enthusiasts and tour a brewery,

Or maybe you’re just really into porn, specifically the pornography in which Shoko Takahashi appears. If that’s the case, you can join an overnight tour in which the Japanese adult video actress herself will be accompanying the group.

▼ Shoko Takahashi


The tour, offered through Tokyo-based travel provider Sakura Tourist, is a two-day, one-night program (ironically, in 2017 Takahashi appeared in an adult video titled Would You Like to Go on a Two-Day, One-Night Trip to a Hot Spring with Shoko Takahashi?). Participants will gather in Tokyo’s downtown Shinjuku neighborhood and travel by bus to their destination. The itinerary includes strawberry picking, where Takahashi herself will feed you fruits, as well as a dinner party where the star will sit in the middle of the group, which is being capped at 40 fans.


The highlight, though, is likely to be the “hot spring steam photo session,” in which fans, one at a time, will be given the opportunity to photograph the 25-year-old Takahashi as she poses in the hotel’s onsen bath. It’s not clear whether Takahashi (who regularly appears in the nude as part of her main line of work) will be naked or wearing the special garment known as a “nipless” in Japanese, but fans themselves are likely to be required to remain clothed during the photo shoot.

Other photo opportunities will be sprinkled throughout the itinerary, and the organizers guarantee that each participant will have at least three chances to take a photo of himself and Takahashi posing together. The Aichi Prefecture native will also sign autographs and accept gifts, although fans are asked not to give her any perishable or non-packaged foodstuffs.


Surprisingly, the tour package doesn’t include single rooms, but twins, with two beds each. However, shared sleeping accommodations would present obvious awkwardness for adult video enthusiasts who just spent the entire day within breathing distance of their favorite performer, and so each room will be occupied by only one guest.

Four meals will be provided (lunch and dinner on the first day, breakfast and lunch on the second), and while the per-person cost is 129,600 yen (US$1,170), that covers all expenses, including transportation and activity fees, lodging, and, we imagine, supplementary bedsheet laundering charges from the hotel.


The tour will take place on April 20 and 21, and reservations can be made online here. Sakura Tourist’s conditions include a notification, in English, that “For operational reasons, those who cannot follow the instruction in Japanese cannot be accepted for this tour. Please understand this condition for your safety,” which implies that foreign fans are eligible to join the tour, provided they’re able to understand basic spoken Japanese.

Oh, you might have noticed that we haven’t mentioned where the tour’s destination is. That’s because the organizers haven’t either. The tour information simply says the group will meet at Shinjuku at 11 a.m., and arrive at their hotel by 6 p.m., figuring, quite correctly, that the participants won’t care so much about where the journey takes them but who they’re with.

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