Have you ever felt a little…lonely at the cinema? Don’t worry, you can bring your own hand to hold.

Picture this: you’re at the cinema, maybe to watch a tense horror movie, when suddenly Sadako lurches at the screen! You don’t want to let loose a scream, in case you startle your fellow movie-goers, so maybe you can squeeze your partner’s hand tightly instead…

Ah, but what if you’re single? Or your existent partner doesn’t want to see the movie you’re going to be in high spirits about: say, the recent Mr. Osomatsu anime flick?

Mr. Osomatsu fanatic @ymn_co_19 found herself in this dilemma, and she thought of an…interesting solution. On March 14, she made this tweet:

▼ Hands up!

“I made a pretend “boyfriend hand” so I can stay sane when the [Osomatsu] movie comes to theaters: I filled a plastic glove with flour and tied it so I can squeeze it tight. Everyone, feel free to make your own.”

She then promoted the movie itself, due to debut on March 15, in the reply to her now-viral tweet, making a change from self-PR and Soundcloud links. And on the day the movie premiered in theaters she posted an ominous update…

“I’m sorry I haven’t replied to any of your comments (*꒦ິ⌓꒦ີ) Now is the real moment of truth, where I can test if it will keep my sanity in check. I’ll reply to everyone once I get back. Here’s some shots of him reclining in the passenger’s seat in the good weather, and another as he’s being transported.”

In a further reply, she added:

“I already pointed this out, but it would be a serious problem if this were to burst open. Please use gloves of a strong material, and double – or even triple – the glove layers to strengthen it. Also, don’t squeeze it especially hard in places where many people gather, as there may be people with allergies…save that for at home.”

Indeed, she received many pleas not to actually take the ghoulish, flour-stuffed hand to a public area where she might make people sick (and not just because she was carrying a disembodied hand.) Other comments were less concerned with public safety:

“You’re already insane.”
“Noooo! If you squeeze it too hard it’ll burst!”
“Reminds me of Thing in the Addams Family…”
“Your boyfriend is very, very white.”
“Are you gonna summon Killer Queen [from JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure]?”

▼ Killer Queen is the stand of Yoshikage Kira, pictured here smuggling a hand into a public area.

And don’t worry, there were plenty more finger photos included in the replies, too.

▼ An icy alternative!

Maybe that one commenter is onto something, and this Osomatsu devotee can use her “boyfriend” as a phone stand after crushing it into pulp during the movie. Though according to her later tweets, she made sure to take a towel with her to the theatre and it seemed to withstand the trauma…hooray!

Source: Twitter/@ymn_co_19 via Hachima Kikou
Featured image: @ymn_co_19