A secret hanami cherry-blossom viewing experience you won’t read about in travel guides.

When spring arrives in Japan, people around the country start planning their hanami cherry blossom viewing trips and searching for the best spots to see the blooms before the petals fall and the short season ends for another year.

And while everybody talks about all the famous sakura sites, which are usually incredibly crowded during the peak flowering period, locals who’ve grown up with the cherry blossom trees have a few special secret spots of their own.

Thankfully for us, one of those sites has now been revealed by Twitter user @_m_d_r_m_, who goes by the name Madoromi (“Nap”) online. And this isn’t a famous cherry blossom viewing spot that everyone knows about, as it’s best viewed from inside a moving train.

Take a look at Madoromi’s short clip below:

The video plays out like a scene from a beautiful anime film, as a seemingly neverending cascade of pink-tinged cherry blossoms rolls by the window, with branches filled with blooms stretching up to the pale blue sky. The mix of colours and blossoms is made even more beautiful with the melodic sound of the train tracks, which add to the anime-like feel of the clip.

For an entire 33 seconds, not a moment goes by without a cherry blossom appearing in the window, making for a spectacular springtime scene that people online were keen to learn more about. According to Madoromi, this stretch of cherry blossom trees can be found along the Inokashira Line in Tokyo, when travelling from Hamadayama Station to Takaido Station in Suginami Ward.

The video ends with the train making a stop at Takaido Station, and Madoromi says the ride was so beautiful it’s now on the hanami list again for next year. Now that the video is attracting attention online, we have a feeling there’ll be plenty of other people taking a journey on the Inokashira Line next spring as well, especially when the line terminates at Kichijoji, which is home to Shirohige’s Cream Puff Factory, where you can fill up on Totoro cream puffs and Catbus cookies!

Source, featured image: Twitter/@_m_d_r_m_
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