Don’t play with your food. Play your food.

Japan is currently going through a bubble tea craze right now, with shops popping up like so many balls of tapioca settled on the bottom of a brightly colored brew. And for every shop is a long lineup of youngsters eager for a taste.

But little did we all know, that these drinks held more potential than we had ever realized. 

This video by American electronic artist Shawn Wasabi (@shawnwasabi), shows him attaching some alligator clamps to the tiny balls of tapioca, which had been slurped up from the bottom of a bubble tea and spat onto onto a plat. He then was able to operate his MPC simply by tapping them.

Many Internet users in Japan were enamored by this blend of popular music and trendy drinks.

“I love tapioca, so this is music I can relate to.”
“He looks so happy too. I know I would be if I discovered this.”
“Just as long as he eats them when he’s finished.”
“I wasn’t quite sure where this video was going at first and it had me worried.”
“It takes a very intelligent mind to think up something like this.”
“But why would you need to do this when the buttons are a few centimeters away?”

If you’re asking yourself why he would do such a thing, then you’re probably not in the right frame of mind to appreciate Wasabi’s quirky discovery. We’re not sure whether that’s a good or bad thing either.

Wasabi is known for his 2015 hit “Marble Soda” which might sound like a reference to bubble tea, but is actually another name for the Japanese drinks called ramune. Ramune sodas come in bottles sealed by little marbles that you have to pop out to open.

If anything, knocking out a tune on a completely unexpected device, like tapioca buttons, is sure to get the creative juices flowing. This is probably why food and music have long had an intertwining history together, in Japan at least.

Source: Twitter/@shawnwasabi, My Game News Flash
Top image: Twitter/@qlius
Insert image: SoraNews24

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