Talented felt artist recreates “Wrinkly Pikachu” in real life, and the result is simply adorable.

We’ve seen a lot of Pikachu recently, with the release of the live-action Detective Pikachu movie and even a supposedly leaked YouTube version of the film, as well as the expected line of Pikachu merchandise associated with a major motion picture release.

One image from the movie that particularly grabbed fans’ hearts is that of “Wrinkly Pikachu”, whose priceless expression caused quite a buzz on the Internet and even resulted in fan art in edible form.

This time, we’ve found another brilliant fan creation that brings Wrinkly Pikachu to life in a form that you can touch and cuddle. It’s a wool felt Wrinkly Pikachu created by felt artist Asasa.

The felt Wrinkly Pikcahu has such a realistic expression, it looks like it stepped right out of the movie!

We asked Asasa why she decided to make a Wrinkly Pikachu with felt, and here’s what she told us:

I just really wanted to touch the Wrinkly Pikachu that I saw in the movie. I would have been happy with a plush toy, but there weren’t any official plushies of Wrinkly Pikachu, so I simply decided to make it myself.

We can certainly understand the feeling of really wanting to touch Wrinkly Pikachu. We admit that we too tried to look for a Wrinkly Pikachu doll among the official movie merchandise without success, but actually making one yourself — that takes passion and a whole lot of talent!

Asasa also told us that it took about one week to complete the felt doll, and the most challenging part was putting flexible wire inside the ears and tail to make them movable. She also had a hard time finding the right cloth for Pikachu’s detective hat, and she eventually used a ribbon from her own hair accessories to make the hat. So there’s no question that plenty of love and care have gone into the creation of this yellow wrinkly guy.

“I wanted to squeeze Detective Pikachu’s wrinkly form no matter what, so I made my own with wool felt.” (Click arrows on side for more pictures)

▼ Be sure to check out Asasa’s other cool felt creations on their Twitter account.

Wrinkly felt Pikachu may not talk or sing or control lights and TVs like the new UchiPika robot, but he certainly does just as effective a job of capturing our hearts!

Source, images: Instagram/ otsukimi.paya, Twitter/ @payacopaya
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