The fast food giant is currently asking customers to guess which weird and whacky Pokémon flavour they’ll release.

If you could eat a Pokémon McFlurry, which Pocket Monster do you think it would taste like? That’s the question McDonald’s is currently putting to its customers in Japan ahead of its next collaborative dessert creation, which is scheduled to be released around the country on 14 July.

The new McFlurry, designed to help promote the 15 July premiere of  Pokémon the Movie 20: I Choose You!, will be styled in the image of one of the following six Pokémon, complete with flavour profiles to match each character.

Bulbasaur comes in broccoli flavour.

Jigglypuff, known as “Purin” (pudding) in Japan, tastes like white peach.

Gengar features purple potato as its main ingredient.

Habanero flavours replicate the fieriness of Charmander.

▼ The colours of Pikachu are a perfect match for chocolate and banana.

Squirtle offers refreshment in the form of sparkling Ramune soda.

To help get everyone fired up for the unusual new dessert, McDonald’s is offering free McFlurry discount coupons to those who make an attempt at guessing the new flavour by one minute to midnight on 10 July. To join in the fun, simply follow the official McDonald’s Japan account on Twitter and then click on the Pokémon of your choice from the official campaign website. This will take you to the Tweet for the character you’ve chosen, which you’ll then need to retweet to be in the running for the discount coupon.

The creative marketing campaign is similar to the one devised for the Sanrio Pompompurin McFlurry released last year, which asked customers to guess the specially branded item that would be appearing on the menu. Like that Twitter campaign, people outside of Japan are also able to cast their votes and keep an eye on the Tweets to see which one takes the lead at the end of the promotion.

Currently, Pikachu is sitting at the top of the ladder, with 12,000 retweets, followed by Gengar with 8,400, then Squirtle with 8,100 and Jigglypuff with 6,400. At the bottom, Bulbasaur’s broccoli flavour is just edging out the 2,400 retweets for Charmander’s habanero with 3,000 retweets.

Personally, we’d love to try a broccoli or habanero flavoured McFlurry! In fact, there’s no Pokémon here we wouldn’t try. Wouldn’t it be great if they released ’em all?

Source: McDonald’s Japan via Kinisoku
Top Image: McDonald’s Japan
Insert images: McDonald’s Japan

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