A talking Eevee robot is arriving in Japan this summer too! 

Back when Pokémon was first released in the ’90s, fans of pocket monsters like Pikachu had little hopes of sharing their homes with a moving, talking character from the series. But that was then, and this is now, when fans get to own a robot Pikachu that talks, sings…and controls electric equipment around the house!

Called the UchiPika (Uchi means “home” in Japanese), the new robot is a step up from the one we saw last year, which was called HelloPika. That model provided entertainment and companionship with head turns, light-up cheeks, and various cries of “Pika!” covering a surprising range of emotion in response to your voice.

The UchiPika has all that and more, because this one now has the power to switch your lights on and off, control your TV, and even respond to vocal cues like “100,000 volts”, which causes it to wiggle its head and light its cheeks. Thankfully, though, he stops short of delivering his thunderbolt move on the household.

Take a look at the UchiPika in action below:

Packed with voice recognition features, an infrared system, and a universal remote control, UchiPika can be programmed to control the power, volume and channels on your television. Once that’s all been set up, all you have to do is call out “Pikachu” and then a command like “terebi wo mitai na” (“I want to watch television”), which will prompt him to respond with “Pika!” and turn the TV on for you.

▼ No word on whether or not Pika can understand English yet, which is great motivation to learn Japanese.

Calling out “akaruku shitai na” (“I want to make it bright”) prompts UchiPika to turn the lights on for you, and if you call out “utatte” (“sing”), little Pikachu will break out in song. He also responds to daily phrases like “ohayo” (“good morning”), “itte kimasu” (“I’m going out”), and “tadaima” (“I’m home”) with a range of “pika” sounds appropriate to each situation.

“Pikachu! Sing!” “Pi-Pi-Pikachu”

Joining the UchiPika this year is the HelloVui, which is a companion to the HelloPika and modelled on the ever popular Eevee (whose name is written as “Iibui” in katakana, which is stylised as “Vui” for the new release).

▼ The HelloVui, not the HelloVee

Like the HelloPika, HelloVui also has cheeks that light up, and it turns to look at you when you call out its name, only this model responds with cute “Iibui” sounds.

▼ HelloPika and HelloVui are small and light enough to carry around in your bag or pocket.

Only problem is now we want the whole set!

The HelloPika and HelloVui retail for 2,990 yen (US$27.53), plus tax, with the HelloVui available from 11 July here. The UchiPika retails for 3,990 yen, with pre-orders available here ahead of its release on 3 August.

These prices mean we won’t be too deep out of pocket if we do try to catch ’em all, making them a much more affordable alternative to the new posable Life Size Doll Detective Pikachu.

Source, images: Takara Tomy
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