Cat nap becomes a hilarious concert.

A cat snoring must be one of the most intimately cute sounds there is. After all, who but their loving owners will have the opportunity to snuggle up so close to the sleeping feline to hear its mid-cat nap murmurings?

Today, though, all of us are that lucky, thanks to Japanese Twitter user @penguincafe_orc. While it’s not clear whether or not @penguincafe_orc owns the cat seen in the video he shared, he is the owner of a recording studio. That means he’s got access to all sorts of audio amplification apparatuses, so when this cat dozed off, @penguincafe_orc switched on a microphone and dialed up the echo effect, and the result was amazingly adorable, plus completely crazy.

There’s an oddly inquisitive quality to the cat’s snores, as if it’s patiently but firmly repeating the same question over and over. Luckily even the enhanced volume isn’t enough to wake the kitty.

As a professional sound technician, @penguincafe_orc is no doubt also well-versed in music theory, this just-for-fun audio project has racked up close to two million views, earning comments like:

“Stop making me watch this. It’s so funny I think I’m going to die.”
“I’m crying and laughing…and laughing.”
“My stomach muscles are aching from laughing so hard.”
“If you listen to just the audio, it sounds like an earthquake warning siren.”
“No matter what else happens today, I’ll be OK. Can’t stop laughing.”

We’ve also been hitting the replay button over and over too, and we hope that this sleepy feline’s newfound fame will be enough to lead to a duet somewhere down the road with Japan’s ololiloliloliloliloliiiloli cat.

Source: Twitter/@penguincafe_orc
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