Stylish dynamic performance by members of the marching band and dancing club is truly worthy of a Disney production.

Disney’s live-action adaption of the classic Aladdin has become quite a hit in Japan, and fans just cannot get enough of its fairy tale story of love, friendship and adventure brought to life by unforgettable characters.

Not to mention the amazing soundtrack that has become one of the most memorable throughout Disney’s history. Who can ever forget the catchy song Friend Like Me, played when main protagonist Aladdin first encounters the wish-granting Genie?

▼ The original cartoon version was a wacky number.

What’s even better is that Disney recently produced a new music video of the Japanese version of Friend Like Me, but instead of inserting clips from the actual live-action movie, the world-famous company organized a spectacular performance delivered by members of Tomioka High School’s dance club and Kyoto Meitoku High School’s marching band.

▼ Students from two different schools working together for one epic song.

In the video, what starts off as a normal day in a typical high school classroom quickly transitions into explosive dance routines and slick synchronized marching by students.

▼ Maintaining the quick and spirited pace of the original,
these girls rocked the song with their enthusiasm and antics.

▼ Members of the marching band also prove they can hold their own with dignified flair.

▼ Do you have a crazy friend like that?

The ending to the music video finishes off with a message reminding us that — much like the relationship between the Genie and Aladdin — friends are always there for us.

“Best friends are linked through their hearts.”

Hats off to both clubs for delivering a hyper energetic music video that will brighten anyone’s day, and to Disney Japan for going that extra length to satisfy fans. Now if only they can do the same for other Disney songs like A Whole New World, too.

While not all of us can say that we have a friend as entertaining and eccentric as the magic lamp’s guardian, believe it or not, we at SoraNews24 did manage to talk face to face with the Genie himself.

Source: YouTube/Disney Studio via Disney Japan
Images: YouTube/Disney Studio

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