zootopia 3

Surprisingly, there is a lot less fur than one would expect.

While the rest of the world is raving over Disney’s latest animated hit Zootopia, Japan has to wait until April 23 before it gets to see the movie that broke Frozen’s box office record for the biggest Disney debut. While it lacks the musical prowess of Frozen, as there is really only one song in the movie, Disney fans will be delighted by the cast of anthropomorphic animals.

As the trailer says, Zootopia is what happens when humans don’t exist and animals are given the chance to evolve into bipedal, clothes-wearing, English-speaking (depending on the country), productive members of society. However, just because humans don’t exist in the world of Zootopia doesn’t mean humans here don’t want to exist there.

This playful yet uncannily detailed cosplay of Nick and Judy from the movie show us what a live-action Zootopia might look like. Keeping most of their human features, but with the addition of some ears, a tail and a bit of make-up, these cosplayers are nailing the feel of the movie.

Hailing from Shanghai, SeeU is really excited to show off her Judy costume and other pictures from her photo shoot celebrating the new animated feature film. Fans of both Zootopia and SeeU are over the moon with her results, sharing them far and wide across social media.

But, SeeU isn’t the only cosplayer feeling animalistic. Saida from South Korea is also getting her hop on with a beautifully assembled Judy costume as well as a Gazelle outfit.

These cosplay pictures are just as adorable as the film, so if you like what you see, we bet you’ll love Zootopia. Catch it at a theater near you and be sure to check out SeeU and Saida’s Facebook pages for more of their amazing costumes and photos.


Top Image: Facebook/小柔SeeU , Facebook/SAIDA Cosplay (edited by RocketNews24)