Good-looking staff promise to identify your good points and shower you with compliments as you unwind after a long day. 

The restaurant and bar scene is forever changing in Japan, thanks to a never ending stream of exciting new pop-up openings around town. Now, the latest limited-time opening that’s catching everyone’s attention is a bar in Osaka called the “Homeru Bar“.

Homeru means “to praise”, and that’s exactly what staff will do here, heaping praise on customers who come in for a drink or two. The company behind the project says they’ve noticed adults typically don’t get as much praise as they would have when they were children, and this bar aims to fill that void when it opens to the public next week.

JR West Japan Shopping Centre Development Company will be opening the pop-up bar at Osaka’s Lucua osaka department store as part of their “Moso Shop” (“Fantasy Shop”) project. This initiative collects ideas for new stores and services from followers on their “Tokimeki Depato” (exciting department store) Instagram account, in order to bring their customers’ wildest fantasies to life.

The idea for a bar where “handsome guys” praise you was first floated on the Instagram account in July, where the company said the bar would become a reality if the post got over 500 likes.

The post did go on to receive more than 500 likes, making the Homeru Bar the first “fantasy service” to be offered by the company. The bar will only be open for a limited time, from 13-16 September, and will be staffed by good-looking bartenders who specialise in doling out “earnest praise” after identifying good traits about individual customers.

Entry to the bar is priced at 500 yen (US$4.69), with the cost of drinks not included. That sounds like a pretty good deal to us, as it’s not every day we get to receive heartfelt compliments for our looks and our mundane everyday achievements.

Restaurant information
Homeru Bar / ほめるバー
Address: Osaka-fu, Osaka-shi, Kita-ku, Umeda 3-1-3, LUCUA 1100 3rd floor entrance
大阪市北区梅田3-1-3 ルクア イーレ 3F入口
Open 3:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m. (last order 7:30 p.m.) 13-16 September
Admission: 500 yen (US$4.69); bar accepts cash only for entrance fee and drinks.
Reception closes when maximum numbers reached

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