Companies says it deeply appreciates global messages of support, apologizes for slow response.

Last week’s arson attack on the Fushimi Ward anime studio of Kyoto Animation took place in one quiet part of the city, but it’s hit close to home in the hearts of people around the world. You don’t need to have ever visited Kyoto, or even Japan, to feel a deep connection to Kyoto Animation, as the tender treatment the company gives its animated characters and their stories has served as personal comfort, catharsis, and hope to fans far beyond the country’s borders.

While nothing can ever undo the tragic loss of the lives of the 34 Kyoto Animation employees who perished in the attack, many fans find themselves wishing there was something they could do to honor the victims and help the survivors. In response to the outpouring of such sentiments, Kyoto Animation said that it would be setting up a dedicated bank account exclusively for accepting donations, from both domestic donors and those living outside Japan, and it has now announced the details of where donations can be sent.

As per the company’s website:

We have been receiving messages of support from people all over the world regarding the incident that took place on Thursday, July 18. We are deeply grateful for them.

Our company intends to put forth its utmost effort to recover. In regards to that intention, we have received many kind messages from people who wish to stand with us, and so we have established a bank account for donations to be placed in, and at this time we would like to announce its specifics.

We have received requests for information on how to make donations from many people from all walks of life, and we apologize for the delay in providing this information.

Kyoto Animation donation bank account
Bank Name : The Kyoto Shinkin Bank
Brank name : Minami Momoyama Branch
Branch number : 048
Address : 16-50, Yosai, Momoyama-cho, Fushimi-ku, Kyoto-shi, Kyoto-fu, 612-8016, Japan
Account number: 0002890
Account holder: Kyoto Animation Co., Ltd.
Representative director: Hideaki Hatta

[Account information in Japanese:]
株式会社京都アニメーション 支援金預かり専用口座
銀行名 京都信用金庫
銀行コード 1610
支店名 南桃山支店
店番号 048
口座種別 当座預金
口座番号 0002890
口座名義 株式会社京都アニメーション 代表取締役 八田英明
※ 表示名「カ)キヨウトアニメーシヨン」

Kyoto Animation states that the funds will be used to help the surviving family members and relatives of those who perished in fire, to provide medical assistance to surviving victims undergoing treatment, and to help with the company’s recovery. The company also says that a public, detailed report of the amount received and the ways in which the money is being used will be carried out at later, currently undetermined, dates.

Source: Kyoto Animation
Top image: Kyoto Animation
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