Victim of 3.11 to people who have never suffered a disaster: Don’t send origami cranes to shelters

What many may think is well-intentioned well-wishing may not actually be all that well-received by victims of natural disasters.

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Messages of support from Taiwan warm the hearts of Kumamoto earthquake victims

Messagess of support, this time from Taiwan, keep pouring in following the deadly earthquake in Kumamoto.

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Tweeters urge Japanese to donate to Serbian flood relief as repayment for Tōhoku support

Japan is no stranger to natural disasters, and the world rose up in support after the devastating earthquake and tsunami in 2011 left thousands dead and millions homeless. Now it’s time for Japanese people to repay that kindness by supporting one of their greatest benefactors through their own period of crisis.

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Cyclist in Tiger Mask outfit donates $1,000 to tornado-struck school, disappears

What a week, eh? Hayao Miyazaki’s retirement was announced, the creator of Attack on Titan has annoyed fans with his “poor” drawings, a massive boulder nearly smashed a car, and, worst of all, a freaking tornado ripped up a chunk of Japan! We sure could use some good, light-hearted news.

Well, how about this story of a man who donated 100,000 yen (US$1,000) to one of the elementary schools ravaged by the tornado…in one of the most unusual ways ever!

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US Tops Japan Earthquake Donor List, Neighboring South Korea Fails to Crack Top 20

The Japanese Red Cross Society recently released a summary of countries and territories that sent donations (as of the end of 2012) to the organization following the Great East Japan Earthquake. Topping the list were the United States and Taiwan, number one and two respectively, with donations in excess of 2.9 billion yen (approx. US$29 million) each. A total of 22.7 billion yen was received from 179 countries and territories, including from among the world’s poorest nations. Drawing the attention of some Netizens was the fact that neighboring South Korea failed to make the top 20.
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