Hangry teen arrested for setting fire to buildings because curry shop was closed

Never get between a boy and his curry.

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Aomori volunteer firefighter arrested for starting fires so he could fight them

In the small town of Inakadate, Shota Kawasaki was both employed at a straw-crafts workshop and a member of his local volunteer fire department. However, this village of 8,000 people was far more famous for its rice paddy art than fires breaking out, and while making straw art is charming in its own way, it can get to be a drag day in and day out.

That’s why Aomori prefectural police are suspecting Kawasaki of starting a series of fires over the past six months; so that he could allegedly feel the rush of putting them out.

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Osaka woman arrested for attempting to kill husband after he saved her life

Osaka prefectural police announced on 20 September the arrest of 48-year-old Masumi Nishino for the attempted murder of her husband and arson of their home and office.  This arrest was made possible only after Nishino’s allegedly intended victim/husband saved her life by pulling her from the very same building she set on fire.

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Sixth-grade girl torches house, gives reason that shocks Japan

As the summer heat wears on, people are mostly dealing with it well. There’s kakigori, ice cream, and giant chunks of ice to help you get through the hot months. And, just think! Autumn weather is only a few weeks away! We hope…

But one grade-school girl in Chiba Prefecture finally reached her snapping point and…set her family’s house on fire??

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Anti-Japan Protests In China: Scenes of Senselessness

This weekend Japanese (and other) businesses in China have been the victims of a spate of arson attacks as well as vandalism and looting as anti-Japan protests have escalated to record levels since Japan and China established diplomatic ties in 1972.

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