Almost three months after the fire, attack claims another victim’s life.

In September, doctors said that none of the lives of the hospitalized victims of the arson attack on Kyoto Animation’s Fushimi studio were any longer in danger. The report was a welcome and rare piece of good news in the ongoing aftermath of one of the worst mass murders in Japan’s modern history.

Sadly, that prognosis has proven to be overly optimistic. On the morning of the arson attack, July 18, a Kyoto Animation employee in her 20s was on the first floor of the studio when the fire began. The woman managed to escape via the building’s front entryway, but not before suffering severe burns over her entire body. She was taken into custody by paramedics and had been receiving medical care, but on October 4 the woman succumbed to septic shock (circulatory, cellular, and metabolic abnormalities caused by organ infection and damage), passing away in the afternoon.

Meanwhile, five other women who were injured in the attack remain hospitalized.

The woman’s death makes her the 36th Kyoto Animation employee to have been killed, and adds one more family to the bereaved that the company hopes to somehow comfort as it rejects using any of the donations it has received for business recovery purposes.

Source: FNN Prime
Top image: Wikipedia/L26
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