They’re perfect for an evening drink on the porch!

So you’ve been to the all-you-can-drink sake restaurant in Tokyo and you’ve found some flavors of sake you enjoy. You went to the store and picked up a bottle, but now you need something to drink it out of! Sure a plastic solo cup will do in a pinch, but if you really want to drink your sake in style, you have to use these absolutely gorgeous, outer space-inspired sake cups.

These cups are made from stainless steel, then glazed with lacquer and dusted with gold powder, so that when you pour the clear alcohol in, the inside becomes a tiny night sky that glimmers and sparkles with many thousands of stars. They’re hand painted, so each one will look different from the last, which makes them very special. They’re called “Chuu COCORO”, or “Space Heart”, and they’re simply beautiful.

According to Sansaku, the online shop where they are sold, the process to make these cups uses unique techniques for manufacturing stainless steel, and utilizes oxidizing paint, which gives them that metallic color, so they’re really a one-of-a-kind product. Plus, since they’re made with steel, these sake cups are not only stunning, but also durable!

They’re an exclusive product from Niigata, in northwestern Japan, so they would be a really memorable souvenir, or a fantastic gift for someone special. They’d also be wonderful for drinking some cold sake on a warm summer night, as you look up at the stars from your patio or veranda!

Unfortunately, they’re sold out on the online shop and at the Isetan department store in Niigata, where they sell for 10,800 yen (US$99.91) each, but that’s to be expected, because each one is hand painted and the process to make them takes a long time. It’s not clear when they will come back in stock, nor if they will ship the cups overseas, but you can always keep an eye on the shop to see if they come back in stock any time soon!

In the meantime, take a look at the amazing hologram-producing sake cup, which is also not yet available, and then you can decide which one you want…or just get both!

Source: Twitter/@southwest0095
Top Image: Hiromi Makie Nikki
Insert Images: Sansaku

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