Pay homage to Japan’s traditional drinking culture with unique eye-catching jewellery.

Japanese novelty retail chain Village Vanguard is the place to go for weird and wonderful goods like flying squirrel cosplay costumes, miso-soup scented bath powder, and Sugar Romper outfits for those who’ve given up being an adult.

Now the chain is attracting attention for a unique pair of earrings that “expresses the moment of pouring sake“, and they’re sure to have everyone staring at the side of your head with their eye-catching details.

Each earring depicts a sake set, consisting of a tokkuri (sake bottle) and a choko (sake cup), which are easily identified by their distinctive shapes and white-and-blue colour scheme.

Made from resin and painted by hand, each bottle is caught in the act of pouring out a generous serving of clear rice wine into the cup, conjuring up feelings of revelry and celebration.

The earrings have been carefully designed with size in mind, resulting in a dainty pair that’s in perfect proportions to your ear lobes to attract just the right amount of attention.

The makers of the earrings, Atelier Mine-ro, suggest they be worn with kimono or yukata, to add some Japanese flair to traditional events like summer festivals.

The earrings come packaged in a wooden box wrapped in Japanese washi paper and tied up with string to represent a Japanese-style obi, making them a beautiful gift for sake lovers.

The earrings are priced at 2,880 yen (US$26.09) and can currently be ordered online, for delivery at the end of August. And if you’re looking for more sake accessories to add to your collection, don’t forget to check out the Ozeki One Cup miniature collectibles, which are cute and educational at the same time!

Source, images: PR Times
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