Unisex masks will help you feel less embarrassed about your clothing choices, designers say.

As a country that’s always had a soft spot for traditionally feminine aesthetics, you can find plenty of lacy, frilly, fanciful fashions in Japan. However, the designers at Muni Muni Works understand that some people might feel a bit self-conscious wearing such clothing, even if they like the designs.

Maybe you think you don’t have the cutesy facial features to pull off the look, muses Muni Muni, or you worry that you’re too old for such a girlish outfit. But Muni Muni doesn’t want you to give up on your getting-dolled-up dreams, and so it proposes a simple solution: Put on an anime girl doll mask.

See? Problem solved, right?

Being highly attuned to character design trends, Muni Muni understands that there’s not just one “anime” look, and so it offers a variety of faces. For example, the Princess models (18,144 yen [US$168]), are the most understated, with eyes that are closer in size to those of normal humans, at least when compared to the rest of the lineup.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Idol models (20,304 yen) have the most dynamically stylized features, with sparkling irises and vividly colored hair.

Speaking of the masks’ eyes and hair, the lenses use for the eyes are specially crafted not only to provide a wide field of vision, but also to prevent the human wearer’s eyes from being at all visible, even in zoomed-in photos.

The hair, meanwhile, comes courtesy of wigs with 50 percent thicker than regular hairpieces, to ensure a lush an youthful effect as you jump, spin, or sashay.

▼ The lollipop is not included, but seems like the sort of thing anyone in the market for an anime girl mask might already have a stockpile of.

The masks are made of soft vinyl, and Muni Muni boasts that you can apply (then later remove) normal, for-human cosmetics to them, if you want your mask to have more brightly blushing cheeks, eye-catching lipstick, or dramatic eyeliner for a special occasion.

▼ The third model, called Kawaii (19,440 yen)

If you’re not creeped out after looking at the photos and watching the videos, and find yourself wondering where you can get your hands on Muni Muni doll masks, the models seen in these photographs can be ordered online here through novelty goods specialty shop Village Vanguard’s online store. The company describes them as unisex sized, as adding or removing foam padding will help ensure a secure fit for a variety of head sizes.

Meanwhile, if you’re wondering what sort of accessories to pair with the masks, the beefy-biceped anime boyfriend hug speakers seem like a no-brainer that would really tie the outfit together.

Source, images: PR Times
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